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Donwload Azam Max Kutazama Documentary ya Yanga

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Donwload Azam Max Kutazama Documentary ya Yanga

Donwload Azam Max Kutazama Documentary ya Yanga, Makala ya Yanga, Historia Imekamilika, Young Africans ndani ya Azam Max App, Historia ya Yanga ndani ya Azam Max.

Baada ya Uzinduzi uliofana hapo jana August 07,2023, Documentary ya Yanga imeanza kupatikana leo August 08, 2023 kuanzia saa 10 jioni katika App ya Azam Max.

Shabaki na wanachama wa Yanga wameaswa kuhakikisha wanaitazama Documentary hii ili kufahamu mengi ambayo hawayafahamu katika mapambano ya Yanga msimu uliopita wa 2022/2023.

Msimu wa 2022/23 ulikuwa ni msimu wa furaha kwa Klabu ya Yanga kushinda mataji yote pamoja na kucheza Fainali ya Kombe la Shirikisho Barani Afrika lakini ziko nyakati ngumu ambazo zilipitiwa katika kuisaka furaha hiyo.

Aidha Yanga imetaja gharama ya kuishuhudia Documentary hiyo kuwa ni Tsh 2,500/- tu, ikiwa pia unakuwa umeichangia timu yako ya Young Africans.

Jinsi ya kulipia na kuweza kuangalia Documentary ya Kihistoria ya Young Africans kupitia APP ya Azam Max.

Baada ya kudownload Azam Max.

  • Fungua Yanga Historia
  • Bonyeza Lipia Kifurushi
  • Changua Yanga Historia
  • Thibitisha Malipo
  • Chagua njia ya Malipo.
Jinsi ya kulipia na kuweza kuangalia Documentary ya Kihistoria ya Young Africans kupitia APP ya Azam Max.

Jinsi ya kulipia na kuweza kuangalia Documentary ya Kihistoria ya Young Africans kupitia APP ya Azam Max.

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Watch TV shows and sporting events in Swahili AzamTV Max is a freemium lifestyle application where you can watch a variety of content in the Swahili language. This streaming service from AZAM PAYTV LTD offers live video streams of TV channels, as well as sports streams, and VODs of some of your favorite movies and TV series.

Similar to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, users will need a subscription in order to access the content found in AzamTV Max. This app has three different subscription options that vary in the type of content you can see in the app.


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Find something you like
AzamTV Max provides users with a convenient platform to find all of their favorite Swahili titles—whether it’s an ongoing drama series or a classic film. In addition to these, users can also find livestreams for over 60 TV channels, as well as a number of sporting events, such as football matches. All of these are available in full HD quality to allow you a more immersive experience.

Users can also access a program guide that allows them to see what shows are currently airing on the available channels on the app. You’ll also be able to watch highlights for certain matches so that you can get a quick rundown of the best moments without having to watch the entire game. With its sleek interface, you’ll be able to find something you want to watch in no time.

Just keep in mind that the app does load and respond quite slowly, even when you’re linked to a stable internet connection. Another notable issue to take note of is the frequency of a pop-up that tells you to update the app, even though you’re using the latest version. You can click on the option to ignore this, however, it will continue to reappear every time you open the app.

Great but could use some polishing
Whether you’re a sports fan looking for a way to watch a highly awaited game or simply want to browse through a list of shows and films to binge-watch on your next day off, AzamTV Max offers a variety of content that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Although the app has a number of great features, you should still be prepared for slow app responses.


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Download App ya Nijuze Habari Playstore tukutumie Habari zote kwenye Simu yako BILA MALIPO BOFYA HAPA.

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