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GET Your NIDA Number and Copy Online

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GET Your NIDA Number and Copy Online

GET Your NIDA Number and Copy Online Get Your NIDA Number and Copy Online, Download Your NIDA Number and Copy Online  Want to know about NIDA online copy? Make sure that you read the whole guide because we have taken into account all information on NIDA online copy for the best tips for you! NIDA online copy details are available on this page. You don’t have to wait . Keep visiting this page and you’ll get latest information about NIDA online copy Updates.

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NIDA (National Identification Authority) is a public institution in Tanzania assigned the responsibility and mandate of registering its citizens. Hence, the institution issue National ID Cards to everyone that has met the legal requirement and is of legal age. This includes refugees. Also, the governmental institution holds the database for its citizen’s identity to improve national security. The organization shares its data with interested parties through different platforms, like the National ID Verification Portal and many more. They have updated their services to provide NIDA online copy for those looking to access a duplicate of their identity cards. Therefore, their services are essential to Tanzania’s entire population.

How to get Namba Ya Online

The following below is helpful guide to get you National Identification number:-

  • Visit official website link
  • After page open you will see form to fill your information as registered. These details are:-
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Date of birth
    • First mother’s names
    • Mother’s last name
  • Enter security word
  • Finally, click on “send” button

Simple Method : Using USSD via Mobile Phones with Vodacom or Airtel SIM Cards

If you have a mobile handset with either Vodacom or Airtel SIM card then you can get National ID Number from NIDA through interactive USSD. Here are the steps:

  1. Dial *152*00#
  2. Select 3
  3. Then select 2
  4. Key in your full name (First, middle and surname eg. Dan John Sele)
  5. Key in your mobile phone number – the one used during registration for National ID.
  6. Accept paying the necessary charges

OR TUMA UJUMBE MFUPI WA SMS, Jina la kwanza * Jina la mwisho * Tarehe ya kuzaliwa * jina la kwanza la Mama * Jina la Mwisho la mama.=Mfano IDDI*ALI*01021990*ASHA*MAO.

How to access NIDA online copy

Only stakeholders can access the NIDA Copy online services. Therefore, you ought to be registered before logging in to the platform. Every user can access the portal to create a PIN code that they will utilize to access the database.

When they launched the NIDA online ID copy, they gave out clear instructions on how one can access the service.


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  • Visit and on the menu region, press “Identity Card Online Copy.”
  • Write your National Identification Number (NIN) and then answer the ensuing questions.
  • Once done, press the download button. Voila, you have completed your NIDA online copy download.

The NIDA ID copy online service is only available for those that already have their National Identification Number. If you have forgotten your NIN, you can dial *150&00#, then press 3 to access your details. Follow the prompts until you get your number.

The Tanzanian government, through NIDA, has extended excellent services for people looking to verify, register, or get copies of their NIN. NIDA online copy is one of a kind platform that other governmental institutions ought to borrow, more so the Social Security Services sector.

In this article, we are providing information about NIDA online copy. NIDA online copy details are also now available here. This is one of the best articles to know better information. So, refer bonce in this article and Don’t forget to share this article with our friends.


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