KIKOSI Cha Yanga vs US Monastir 12 February 2023 CAF Confederation Cup

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KIKOSI Cha Yanga vs US Monastir 12 February 2023 CAF Confederation Cup

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KIKOSI Cha Yanga vs US Monastir 12 February 2023 CAF Confederation Cup

KIKOSI Cha Yanga vs US Monastir 12 February 2023 CAF Confederation Cup

US Monastir is going head to head with Young Africans Sport Club starting on 12 February 2023 at 19:00. The match is a part of the CAF Confederations Cup, Group D.

On Nijuze Habari livescore you can find all previous Us Monastir vs Yanga SC SC results sorted by their H2H matches.

US Monastir previous match was against US Ben Guerdane in Ligue 1, Group B, match ended with result 0 – 1 (US Ben Guerdane won the match).

Young Africans Sport Club previous match was against Namungo FC in Premier League, match ended with result 2 – 0 (Young Africans Sport Club won the match).

Tembelea ukurasa huu mara kwa mara ili kupata taarifa zote za moja kwa moja kuhusu Yanga Sports Club vs  Us Monastir.

Kupitia Nijuze Habari utaweza kukitazama Kikosi cha Yanga kinachoanza dhidi ya US Monastir Leo, Yanga vs Us Live Leo.

KIKOSI Cha Yanga SC dhidi ya US Monastir, mchezo wa Kundi D CAF Confederation Cup leo Jumapili tarehe 12 February 2023 kwenye Uwanja wa Olympique de Rades nchini Tunisia kuanzia saa 1:00 Usiku.

1:Djugui Diarra
2:Shaban Djuma
3:Kibwana Shomari
4:Dickson Job (C)
5:Yanick Bangala
6:Khalid Aucho
7:Jesus Moloko
8:Salum Abubakar
9:Fiston Mayele
10:Stephen Aziz Ki
11:Tuisila Kisinda

RATIBA kamili NBC Premier League msimu wa 2022/2023

Wachezaji wa Akiba
12:Metacha Mnata
13:Ibrahim Abdallah
14:Bakari Mwamnyeto
15:Joyce Lomalisa
16:Farid Mussa
17:Zawadi Mauya
18:Mudathir Yahya
19:Clement Mzize
20:Kennedy Musonda

Simba SC vs Monastir Live Scores | LiveScore,
Yanga SC – Us Monastir H2H Head to head, Us Monastir vs Yanga SC Live Stream & Prediction, H2H, LIVE: Yanga vs Us Monastir | Mechi ya CAF CAF Confederation Leo Nijuze Habari.

Current Young Africans Sport Club squad is:

Forwards: Fiston Mayele, Bernard Morrison, Stephane Aziz Ki, Tuisila Kisinda, Farid Mussa, Ducapel Moloko, Ditram Nchimbi, Kennedy Musonda, Emmanuel Martin

Midfielders: Feisal Salum, Gael Bigirimana, Khalid Aucho, Salum Abubakar, Zawadi Mauya, Mudathir Yahya, Said Musa Bakari

Defenders: Djuma Shabani, Yannick Bangala, Dickson Job, Bakari Mwamnyeto Nondo, Joyce Lomalisa, Ally Kibwana Shomari, Mamadou Doumbia, David Brayson, Yassin Mustapha

Goalkeepers: Djigui Diarra, Metacha Mnata, Abdutwalib Mshery

Current US Monastir squad is:

Forwards: Aziz Harabi, Abdelhakim Amokrane, Maher Ben Seghaier, Khaled Yahia, Ahmed Jafeli

Midfielders: Änis Ben-Hatira, Mohamed Medfai, Idriss Mhirsi, Abdelkader Boutiche, Youssouf Oumarou, Haykeul Chikhaoui, Houssem Teka, Mondher Guesmi, Alaeddine Dridi, Wael Aloui

Defenders: Ousmane Adama Ouattara, Ameur El Omrani, Helmi Jouaida, Salah Harrabi, Mohamed Saghraoui, Hichem Baccar, Omar Bouraoui

Goalkeepers: Bechir Ben Said, Sadok Yeddes

About Union Sportive Monastirienne
Union Sportive Monastirienne (Arabic: الاتحاد الرياضي المنستيري), also known as USM, is a football club from Monastir in Tunisia. Founded in 1923 under the name Ruspina Sports, it was renamed Union Sportive Monastirienne in 1942.
The new name reflects the union between Ruspina Sports and other clubs in town (swimming, petanque, etc.) and the Nationalists of Monastir (like Mustapha Ben Jannet).


Beginnings (1923–1956)

US Monastir is certainly one of the oldest teams in Tunisia. Although it was officially founded on 13 June 1942, the date of publication in the official journal of the decree of her creation, it birth dates back to 17 March 1923, the date of the founding of Ruspina Sports.

Among the players who were part of this first wave of the 1930s, we can cite Hédi Bourguiba, Hassine Guedira, Ali Ouerdani, Hamadi Gouider, Sadek Allègue, Ali El May, Mohamed Guilène, Fredj Jaâffar and Hassine R’him. The steering committee, for its part, is chaired by Mohamed Salah Sayadi (mayor of Monastir and member of the Grand Council).

Ribat of Monastir which is one of the important monuments of Monastir that gave the nickname of the team.

At the end of the 1930s, Ruspina Sports experienced innumerable financial difficulties and a series of disgraces within the general public which, far from being insensitive to the misdeeds of colonialism, resolutely committed against it by creating teams of neighborhoods. Just as Ruspina Sports is in decline, voices are being raised to unify the other teams and create a kind of unique selection.

Mustapha Ben Jennet, nationalist and seasoned footballer, also fought against the narrow clanism and pled for a single and unique sports association. The choice of the term “union” is not accidental. On the contrary, it reflects this desire to present a united and homogeneous team. On 13 June 1942, the decree creating USM was signed and the new association inherited Ruspina Sports’ credit balance, i.e. 5,395 Tunisian francs.

Forced, from its creation, to rest because of World War II, the USM organized friendly matches with the teams of El Makarem de Mahdia and the Etoile du Sahel (ESS), based in Sousse, a city which is hard hit by the bombings of 1942. Helping its neighbor, the USM bears the travel expenses of the ESS which amounted to 2,000 francs in 1945 and which the ESS reimbursed in 1954. If the end of the war coincided With a renewed interest and enthusiasm among the Monastirians for football, the USM has more than one hundred players, half of whom play in the senior team and the second half in the junior categories, the following years will be more difficult.

The USM, which had swapped the blue and white outfit to replace that of Ruspina Sports, begins to flourish by making the happiness of the thousands of spectators who, with the independence of the country in 1956 and the advent of the republican regime, will witness the metamorphosis of their team.

Full name Union Sportive Monastirienne
Nickname(s) Sons of the capital of Ribat (أبناء عاصمة الرباط)
Founded 17 March 1923; 99 years ago
Ground Stade Mustapha Ben Jannet
Monastir, Tunisia
Capacity 22,000
Chairman Tunisia Ahmed Belli
Manager Serbia Darko Nović
League Professional League 1
About Young Africans Sports Club Tanzania
Young Africans Sports Club, commonly referred as Yanga is a Tanzanian professional football club based in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Founded in 1935, the club play their home games at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

Nicknamed “Yanga” (Young Boys),[3] the club has won 28 league titles and number of domestic cups, and have participated in multiple CAF Champions League editions. They have won the CECAFA Club Championship five times.

The club became a symbol of the anti-colonial movement. Young Africans became associated with nationalists and freedom fighters, and inspired the political party TANU to adopt yellow and green as their primary colours. The club is currently in a process that will keep the club ownership 49% for investors and the rest 51% to the club members.

The club holds a long-standing rivalry with their cross-city rivals Simba, whom they contest the Dar es Salaam (better known as Kariakoo) derby. The rivalry was ranked 5th as one of the most famous African derbies.

The club’s roots can be traced as far back as 1910s, but the officially recognised history of the club started in 1935 when Dar es Salaam residents, who were grouped as Africans by the colonial administration in Tanganyika, decided to form a football club to compete in a league which was full of “non-African” football clubs.

The name New Young is said to be the club’s first name. Later it was replaced by the name Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC, and eventually the name changed to Young Africans Sports Club.

After its establishment in 1935, its members squabbled over their team’s poor performance and results. The club had an even poorer and unsatisfactory performance in 1936 that caused some of the members to split and form another team.

The proponents of breaking away were Arabs who saw fit to cause conflict among the club members that led to a split. They succeeded, and together with dissidents formed a club known as Queens F.C. (currently Simba). The two teams, Young Africans and Simba, have been rivals ever since.

In 2020 Yanga signed a consultancy deal with La Liga. On May 27, the members of the club agreed to change their club’s ruling structure to allow private investments from other companies.

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